Combination Dies

Combination Dies

Combination dies are used for creating a raised or embossed effect on paper, card, and coverstock. This effect requires two matching dies in a male/female configuration. This two di-configuation give a crisp detailed raised image that is classic and elegant. All combination dies machined from the highest quality metal and fiber glass counter to ensure the best possible quality finish. Our customers can specify 0.3mm or 0.8mm backing thickness for the counter force which will have locating pinholes for easy and accurate positioning of the counterforce.

Combination dies add a premium finish to your print or packaging and are available as a simple rounded emboss or more complex multi level impression.

Prices are per quote only. All normal guidelines are required when submitting artwork.

All dies require camera ready vector art in either a .PDF or .EPS format of the designs in order to be process. Please consult our die guidelines on the die page.

For customers interested in combination dies please contact us at 1-877-343-4321, via email at, or by filling out our Contact Form with your inquiries.

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