Fuser Foil

Fuser foil is a great way to add beautiful foil to your already printed material.  Through the process of foil lamination, fuser foils allow your business to produce impressive and stylish foil impriting without type or dies. These foils can only be used with our Auto-Foiling Machine, RF-1200.

Fuser foil attaches to the toner of your laser-printed product, revolutionarily altering the design process. All graphic images and text is created in your computer. Imagine the time saved if you could provide a foil stamped proof for your design client in a matter of minutes, while they watch.

Our Fuser Foils are categorized into 5 types: Metallics, Glitters, Pigments, Solid Pattern Holographic, and Transparent Pattern Holographic. We have a large selection of colors and styles. Prices listed below.

Foil Color 6″ x 500ft 12″ x 500ft
Metallics n/a $72.00
Glitters $175.00 $248.00
Pigments $97.00 $168.00
Solid Pattern Holographic $185.00 $288.00
Transparent Pattern Holographic $195.00 $292.00

Metallic Fuser Foil

Metallic Gloss Gold Metallic Matte Gold Metallic Gloss Silver Metallic Matte Silver Metallic Gloss Red
Gloss Gold Matte Gold Gloss Silver Matte Silver Gloss Red
Metallic Matte Red Metallic Orange Metallic Pink Metallic Hot Pink Metallic Purple
Gloss Red Orange Pink Hot Pink Purple
Metallic Electric Blue Metallic Turquoise Metallic Light Blue Metallic Green Metallic Light Green
Electric Blue Turquoise Light Blue Green Light Green
Metallic Copper Light Gold, Bright Red, Dark Blue, Light Purple
Copper More Colors Available

Glitter Fuser Foil

Glitter Gold Glitter Silver Glitter Red Glitter Purple
Glitter Gold Glitter Silver Glitter Red Glitter Purple

Pigment Fuser Foil

Pigments Red Pigment Orange Pigment Yellow Pigment Beige Pigment White
Red Orange Yellow Beige White
Pigment Green Pigment Blue Pigment Purple Pigment Pink
Green Blue Purple Pink

Solid Pattern Holographic Fuser Foil

Holographic Rainbow Holographic Oil Slick Holographic Mirage Holographic Spin Holographic Cracked Ice
Rainbow Oil Slick Mirage Spin Cracked Ice
Holographic Hearts Holographic Security Holographic Scales Mesh, Pixie Dust, Shattered Glass, Sparkle, Bubbles 
Hearts Security Scales More Options Available

Transparent Pattern Holographic Foil

Transparent Holographic Fuser Foils
We also offer transparent pattern foils much like the solid patterns listed above. We offer 9 styles of transparent pattern foils: Security, Rainbow, Pixie Dust, Glitters, Bubbles, Shimmering Water, Mirage, Spin, and Cracked Ice.

For more information on all our fuser foils, contact us at 1-813-265-8958, via email at info@foilstampsolutions.com, or by filling out our Contact Form with your questions or concerns.

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