Letterpress Foil

Letterpress foil is a specially formulated foil that simulates the ink printing characteristics produced by large letterpress equipment. This foil gives a mottled color like antique letterpress images. Today the letterpress style is enjoying a huge resurgence led by a group of young enthusiastic printing artisans.

These gifted printers use large turn of the century ink presses to create the same elegant hand made invitations, cards, and gifts of the past. Today’s letter press artists combine contemporary and classic designs. Their work brings back the elegance of old world tradition of fine hand crafted products.

Recently these artisan have discovered the beauty of adding foil to their designs. Through their efforts foil has enjoyed an new resurgence in just about all printed products.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the cost of these restored antique presses nor do they have the time to learn the finer aspects of ink mixing and set up for traditional letterpress.

Many paper and gift stores continue to add personalization to their products with foil stamping. Many more  have been looking for a way to do both foil and letterpress in house. While letterpress printed products have become increasingly popular, and command a high retail value, most shops do not have letterpress equipment that is capable of printing with ink. Also most letterpress equipment is used to foil stamp and/or die cut. Using Letterpress Ink Foil, customers with foil stamping equipment can easily produce “letterpress printed products”.

Our NEW Letterpress foil is formulated to used with traditional vertical Foil Stamping Machines.  Letterpress ink foil, instead of ink, eliminates the need for technical skills, large complicated equipment, washing up the press between each color change. This saves time and effort while eliminating solvents and environmentally harmful waste. There is no drying time with products produced with Letterpress Ink Foil. There is no “feathering” with Letterpress Ink Foil and a single release formula works well with fine lines and solid image areas. mixing inks, chemical clean up, and drying time.

Letterpress Ink Foil creates a “mottled” color transfer to the image area that is very similar to letterpress printing with ink. Letterpress Ink Foil color density can be significantly varied with die temperature and/or pressure. This characteristic allows a range of color shades to be created using each Letterpress Ink Foil color.

Normally, metal flat foil stamping dies are used to simulate letterpress printed products. Letterpress Ink Foil can be used with foil embossing dies but this isn’t a typically application for this foil.

Even small stationery shops can produce quality letterpress goods with a small inexpensive Foil Stamping machine. The same machine will give the added ability to do traditional foil as well.

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Letterpress Pricing Chart

Size Price
6″ x 500ft $67.00
12″ x 500ft $96.00

*Custom Cuts available, all smaller cuts $14.50 per inch.

Letterpress Foil Catalogue

Letterpress Aqua Letterpress Black Letterpress Blue Letterpress Burgundy
Aqua Black Blue Burgundy
Letterpress Charcoal Letterpress Dark Blue Letterpress Green Letterpress Orange
Charcoal Dark Blue Green Orange
Letterpress Pink Letterpress Purple



Letterpress Yellow
Pink Purple Red Yellow
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