Invitation Master

Another new member of our family!

Announcing the Invitation Master!

A commercial-grade Foil Stamping Press manufactured from the highest quality materials and finished in royal blue with black fixtures to form an attractive addition to your shop.

Barely tipping the scales at 75 lbs with a footprint of less than 1.5 ft, the Invitation Master will easily fit in the smallest of business spaces, storefronts, or home offices!

Having an imprint area of 8” x 5” and one ton of pressure, this is the ideal workhorse for stationery artisans who need a professional machine at a lower cost.

Built around the need to execute full-sized invitations and announcements fast, easy, and with one stroke.
The New Invitation Master was designed to make the same multi-line invitation impression on paper and cardstock of any texture or weight.
The platen set-up, auto foil feed, accurate heat control, and counter on this machine allow for easy loading and fast centering of all your stationery jobs.
The Invitation Master provides the clean, crisp, professional results that your customers want and deserve.
It has a slightly smaller imprint area and still packs a big punch!


Print Area8″ X 5″
PressureOne Ton
Work Table12″ X 9″
Voltage110 VAC – 120 VAC
Optimal Temperature Range200° F – 265° F
Class 1 Appliance450 W
Impression Thickness.625” deep
Machine Footprint16″ L X 11″ W X 16″ H
Weight75 pounds
Digital Temperature Control0° F – 400° F

All machines are available as complete packages to meet your specific invitation applications. Our customer service experts will help you choose the most appropriate Fixtures, Dies, Type, and Foil.

For more information on the Invitation Master and its features, or if you would like a quote on this machine, contact us via phone at 1-813-265-8958, via email at, or by filling out our Contact Form.

Seize the opportunity to create your custom invitation designs… In-House!

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