Brass Type

Brass TypeBrass type is the perfect type for albums, books, or leather products. It is considered the most superior type for several reasons.

Brass type is made from hardened industrial solid brass stock. This type is manufactured on automated CNC machines, a process which gives unlimited ability to control the depth of character, precise tolerances, and availability of styles.

Brass conducts heat more evenly and rapidly, allowing for clean, crisp images at lower temperatures. Brass type is also the hardest of the three kinds of type. Therefore, it will provide decades of use.

The character depth of this type is close to 1/4 inch deep (over 3 times the depth of standard type), and can be custom made at any depth. This depth allows for a superior clearance between the type body and the substrate. This clearance completely eliminates type error when printing albums, leather, and soft or cushion-like products.

Font schemes are 200 pieces and the font count can be customized.

Brass type is the most expensive of all hot stamping type offerings, but most album and leather manufacturers believe the benefits of brass type far outweigh the cost.

Brass type prices change due to fluctuations in base metal prices.
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