Foundry Type

Foundry TypeFoundry type, also called Hot Stamp Type and Monotype is standard foil stamping type. It is a cast metal composite containing lead, tin, and antimony.  The lead factor makes this type the softest of the three, thus prone to early wear and flattening of letters, especially with hard substrate. However, Foundry type is also the least expensive of the 3 type offerings.

Foundry type has the widest selection of styles (more than 75 styles and sizes).  It has been used for decades on a variety of substrates, especially paper goods. Foundry type is best suited for napkins, stationary, ribbon, and some plastics. However, the face depth on this type is normally very shallow, making it a poor choice for albums or leather goods.

Foundry type font schemes (character count) are normally 200-225 pieces which includes capitals, lowercase, numbers, and punctuations.

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Font Point 200 Piece Spacer Set
12/18pt $260.00 $50.00
24pt $290.00 $55.00
36pt $320.00 $60.00
48pt $400.00 $65.00
60/72pt $425.00 $70.00
Monograms $495.00 n/a
Additional Items Price
Line Dividers Set $50.00
EZ Speed Lock $200.00
EZ Speed Lock Wrench $50.00


Font Name Font Points Available Font Name Font Points Available
Bank Gothic 18/24/36 Bernard Fashion 18
Bookman 14/18 Broadway 18/36
Brush Script 36/48 Century Italic 36
Cheltenham 36/48 Cheltenham Narrow 18/24/36
Eden Light 36 Empire 36/48/72
Engravers Bold 24 Flash Bold 48
Florentine 36 Gallia 36
Goudy Cursive 14/18/24/36 Greeting Monotone 18
Italian Old Style 18 Impact Outline 30
Lydian Italic 18/24 Mayfair 24/48
Mayfair Cursive 36 Murray Hill Bold 18
News Gothic 10/18/24 News Gothic Bold 14/18
News Gothic Condensed 18/24 Parisian 18
Park Avenue 18/36 Penn Bold 18
Pepita 36 Parkway 36
Stellar Bold 36/48 Stymie Light 24/48
Style Script 72 Times Roman 18/24/36


Style Name Point Sizes Available Style Name Point Sizes Available
Elegant Initials 48/72 Oval Monograms 60
Ransom Initials 18 Engravers Bold 24
Stymie Caps 48/72 Broadway Caps 36
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