What Is Hot Stamping Foil?


What is hot stamping foil

Hot stamping foil is a dry ink used with a hot stamping machine. Heat and pressure are used to release the foil color onto a substrate. The color comes from metalized aluminum oxide powder that is sprayed on an acetate film carrier. The carrier consists of 3 layers: an adhesive layer, the color layer, and a final varnish release layer.

Foil can be used for art projects, like in creating unique wall art, stationary, journals or books.  Regardless of your product, you will be ecstatic with the richly-colored, dynamic print. Foil can be fun or elegant depending on the application and medium. Let your creativity flow with our expansive inventory of color and texture!


Types of Hot Stamping Foils

We carry three types of hot stamping foils: metallic, matte pigment, and holographic foil.

Metallic Foil

In place of the color layer in the carrier, metallic foils have a layer of chrome or vacuum-metallized aluminum, resulting in a metalized look. This foil has a metal-like sheen that produces a shiny quality to the foil stamped design. We often refer to metallic foils as “brilliant” on our website.

Matte Pigment Foil

This foil has an opaque, matte finish as opposed to a glossy finish. You will find the same colors available for matte foils as gloss foils. In addition, some matte foils can be used to give a letter-pressed look to paper and  card stock products.

Holographic Foil

A multidimensional image made photographically with the use of lasers and special optics is called a hologram. Such hologram images are transferred on unique foil paper, which is then known as holographic foil paper. This kind of foil gives a very dynamic, rippling effect to the finished product.



Please contact us with any additional questions and we will be happy to help you find the perfect foil for your product!

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